“Every Friday” There’s an Event in Downtown San Jose


Come out and support the reopening of Downtown San Jose! Urban Vibrancy has launched ‘Every Friday’, a weekly art, music, comedy, food and small business exhibit in the heart of downtown at Fountain Alley, similar to a monthly arts and culture exhibit in the SoFA District called First Fridays.


Urban Vibrancy’s goal is to promote local businesses and art organizations while bringing the community together. Every Friday festivities will take place each Friday through October 1 at 30 Fountain Alley from 4:30-7pm. Guests are invited to support favorite downtown San Jose eateries and bring food from any restaurant to the event. Check the calendar for additional locations such as 718 South First Street at Camino Brewery. The San Jose Downtown Association reminds us to stop by and support our downtown neighbors in Fountain Alley and the Historic District: The Shop By Chef Baca, Academic Coffee, Scratch Cookery, MINIBOSS, Paper Plane, Original Gravity Public House, NOVA, San José Museum of Art, The Tech Interactive, San Jose Jazz, San Jose Improv Comedy Club, San Jose Bar and Grill, The City Fish Inc., 55 South, nomikai.


Venture capitalist Gary Dillabough and Jeff Arrillaga are the co-founders behind Urban Vibrancy Institute along with Tony Arreola and Mark Lazzarini that have brough this new event to light. The institute collaborates with local organizations such as the Silicon Valley Organization, SPUR and San Jose Downtown Association for programs including food and art exhibits.


“Our hope is that Urban Vibrancy provides that platform to really bring everyone together to focus on a few initiatives and see if we can move the ball forward,” Dillabough said to San Jose Spotlight.


Dillabough and Arrillaga’s office at Fountain Alley overlooks one of their signature projects—a revitalization of the Bank of Italy building. The Bank of Italy project is part of a new plan to make downtown San Jose a regional destination with vibrant urban spaces full of food, drinks, comedy and music.


I really believe part of the ‘secret sauce’ here is the people,” Dillabough said. “What I’ve found is that the people who work and live here really care about this city. They have a tremendous kinship to it. They really want to see it succeed. I think that’s different from other cities.”


The heart of innovation is here and the future of downtown San Jose is bright. Join us at 188 West St James to learn more about downtown San Jose living.


photo credit: @sjstoryboard